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FSEC London, UK

Jul 1, 2014

The exhibition showcased our latest security products, such as CVI, TVI, AHD, 4K, H.265 and so on.Also we have demonstrated our company's team style! We will continue to develop to create  well-known brands in the security industry. Thanks for all of our customers and friends!

We think one big different thing between UK and USA business is – loyalty. They took “credit” very seriously, they love to talk business by face to face with someone they known before, they trust. Every time when they are looking for new potential customers, they check credit first. It’s pretty common in Europe.

We know the price and the reliability are still the main consideration in the business, but we believe tech support would be even more important in European. Customers need the suppliers resolve their problems to build the long-term trust and brand reliability.For market and product trend, HD-TVI will definite be our main weapon in the next season based on the forecast and how people interest it in the IFSEC show. Many of customers from different countries come to our booth just to see out TVI products and amazed by the picture quality and excited about the price.

      The following pictures show some of our customers: