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Warranty Policy

We provide 3 years warranty for most items (except fo e605fd.xlsx r PTZ, which is with 2 years warranty)

I       RMATerm 

1)  Products on ‘RMA PRODUCT LIST’ (attached)

BUYER shall sendback the faulty device for repair upon RMA Procedures and Notices specifiedbelow.

a. For DVR/NVR, BUYER shall ONLY send back the PCB board for repair.The complete device will NOT be accepted.

b. For CAMERA/PTZ, BUYER could send back the complete device forrepair.

2)  Products NOT on ‘RMA PRODUCT LIST’

BUYER willget 0.8% RMA compensation rebate without sending back the faulty device, SELLERshall calculate the total amounts by the end of each calendar year uponshipment, and give 0.8% rebate as compensation to BUYER

Notes: SELLER reserves the right to updatethe RMAPRODUCT LIST’. Andthe Rebate shall be only used as a deposit for new orders in the next year; itcannot be distributed as funds. Rebate will be credited into BUYER’s account after payment cleared.


II       RMA Procedures

1)  BUYER must contactSELLER to obtain a RMA Request Form (RRF) before sending back the RMA goods. BUYERmust fill the RRF including Model Number(s), Serial Number(s), Quantities, and Defect in details.

2)  BUYER must put RMANumber on Shipping Documents. And the outer shipment box must show the RMA Numberclearly.

3)  BUYER must shipthe RMA goods back to SELLER with freight prepaid.


III      Notices

In thefollowing Situation, SELLER reserves the right to refuse the RMA Goods:

1)  BUYER didn’tget the RMA No. before sending back the RMA goods.

2)  Any returns WITHOUTa valid RMA number conspicuously displayed on the outer shipment box.

3)  Any CODshipments are NOT accepted; all RMA returns should be pre-paid by BUYER.

4)  Any devices doNOT be listed on the RRF.

5)  Any DVR/NVRsthat returned in complete device.

‘RMA Policy’