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Processus de RMA

Request for Return Material Authorization (RMA)

RMA No._______________                                                                                         Date_______________

Your RMA will only be processed if it meets the following criteria:

  1. 1. Parts being returned must match original sales order.
  2. 2. Parts must be within warranty period. (Contact Customer Support Representative for warranty conditions)
  3. 3. Parts that fall within Brovision operating specifications or are deemed defective due to customer misapplication will be returned as is and   could be subject to an evaluation fee.
  4. 4. Parts must be returned in adequate condition in proper packaging and shipping material (must adhere to ESD safety precautions, If applicable).Failure to do so will result in product returned to sender.  
  5. 5. If you need immediate replacement, provide your CSR with a new PO. Please note, Brovisionreserves the right to return product which is  deemed customer damaged or no fault found from the RMA.
  6. 6. Request for Failure Analysis (FAR) or Corrective Action (CAR) will be honored in accordance with Brovisioninternal Quality guidelines.

1. FORM:
                   Completely fill out the Return Material Authorization (RMA) form. Incomplete RMA form will be
2. FAX or Email:       Fax or Email the signed RMA form with a copy of a proforma invoice to Brovision Customers
Representative. An RMA number will be issued within 24hours.
3. PACK:                    To avoid damages, please ship the product(s) with the original packaging materials. Brovision will NOT
                                 be responsible for any damages or lost items.
4. SHIP:                     Clearly print the RMA number on the outside of the shipping package and ship it to appointed delivery
                                 address. Please contact Brovision Customers Representative for the exact address. We advised you to
insure you shipping to cover for any damages during shipping!
5. Out Of Warranty Unit:      Please indicate payment method and sign the RMA form.
CHECK: Please mail the above form to our address, attention to RMA Dept, and write the RMA# on
the envelop as a reference number.
6. Fee:       The return freight will be paid by Brovision if customers report the performance failure of our cameras
                 within one month receipt of goods. The return freight will be paid by customers if it is reported to us after
                 one month receipt of goods from us. Brovision will bear the freight for the repaired and back to customers.

7. Failure Analysis:    Customers are required to send us the picture clips taken from the defective equipment. Brovision will
try to solve the problem by analysis the problem and instructing customers for the usage of
8. Flexible way:         But for customers who are not convenient to send us back the defective cameras in advance.
Customers need to pay extra money to get spare PCB Boards and LED Boards. We will deduct
the pre-charge COST for the spares in the coming order after we get back the defective ones.

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